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Tokyo International Forum

The Largest outdoor Antique Market in Japan.

Every First and Third Sunday.

(Although the usual dates the 1st and 3rd Sundays but sometimes may be changed.)


JULY 7・21


※Due to the heat in August,

the event will be canceled.

 As a general rule, Oedo Antique Market will be open every first and third Sunday. However we can only reserve the place(Tokyo International Forum) three months in advance.



Closed in case of rain


5-1Marunouchi 3 choume,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo

1min,walk from Yurakucho Sta.

5min,walk from Tokyo Sta.



Yoyogi Park Keyaki-Namiki


Date TBD



Closed in case of rain

150 dealers

Yoyogi Park Keyaki-Namiki

Jinnan 2 choume,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo

5-min,walk from Harajuku Sta.

5-min,walk from Tokyo Metro Meiji-jingumae Sta.



Q&A Frequently asked questions

Q I lost it. Where can I check it?

Please come and report it to reception counter in the Oedo Antique Market.

When it does not arrive here, we will inform you the lost-and-found counter in the Tokyo International Forum. *If necessary, the microphone broadcast is possible here.


Q I left a purchase at the shop, but lost where it was.

If you know the name of the shop, we can inform you the place. When you leave goods, please hear the name of the shop by all means, and tell your name and the cell-phone number to the person of the shop.


Q Will you keep baggage?

Please use the coin locker around here. There are coin lockers as follows.

Tokyo international forum: The side of convenience store in B1, and there are large lockers in B2 the side of hall E.

Yoyogi Park: It is near the back of the outdoor stage, the side of public toilet.


Q Is the credit card usable?

It depends on the dealer. Please ask directly.  (Unfortunately there is not so many.)


Q Are there a bank and/or the ATM?

Tokyo international forum: There is ATM in FamilyMart convenience store in B1. 

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank's ATM is the ground floor on neighboring SHIN-KOKUSAI Building.

Yoyogi Park: There is ATM in Daily YAMAZAKI convenience store close to the intersection in front of Shibuya-ku government office.


Q Is there the foreign currency exchange counter?

Tokyo international forum: Foreign currency exchange counter is the ground floor on neighboring SIN-KOKUSAI Building. Exchangers Marunouchi store

Yoyogi Park: There is no foreign currency exchange counter near here. If you go around Shibuya Station, there is foreign currency exchange counter.


Q Is there the smoking area?

Tokyo international forum: Smoking is not permitted. In addition, there is no smoking area.

Yoyogi Park: Ashtrays are prepared for in the corner of the area, but please take care for the park users and with the fear of the passive smoking. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



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